Work at Home Bundle

  • Two great products to keep you going at home
  • Access consistent Ethernet data on your mobile device
  • Access USB data or USB mouse and keyboard
  • Quick connect – plug and play
  • Leave your device plugged in and protect from overcharge
  • Built in Canada

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Charge-Plus USB-C LAN HUB and Charge-Check Work at Home Bundle

Are you working from home and struggling with maxed out WiFi and need to access files on USB with your tablet? Or do children need to access Google classroom at home? Do you require the reliability and security of a wired data connection? Or how about access additional USB 2.0 devices for additional storage or functionality? Our USB-C Ethernet and USB-A OTG mobile adapter is the perfect ethernet adapter that allows you to use many external USB 2.0 devices AND access consistent 10/100 Ethernet without losing power on your mobile device.

How Charge-Plus USB-C LAN HUB Works

Simply connect our USB-C Ethernet and USB-A mobile adapter to your device and plug in your peripheral and existing charge cable. (If you remove the power connector, your device will maintain it’s data connection, but start powering the attached peripherals with its own battery.)

Charge-Plus USB-C LAN HUB Features and Benefits

• Works with any Ethernet network and USB 2.0 enabled USB-C device
• Use with an approved USB-C charger (the official one that comes with your phone or tablet)
• Quick connect – plug and play (If device is supported by your OS)
• 8″ Cable included
• Built in Canada


Charge-Check Overcharge Protection

Charge-Check connected tp iPhone

Charging Lithium-ion batteries fully and leaving them plugged in degrades their lifespan quickly. Charge-Check stops charging just below 100% by turning the charge current on and off – extending your battery’s life-span.

How Charge-Check Works

Charge-Check monitors your charge cycle and just before a full charge cycle is hit, it turns the current off. In 3 hours, Charge-Check turns the current on again and repeats the cycle. In this way, your battery is never stressed – you can keep it plugged in all night, all day or even in a car. Your battery life-span will last longer, keeping you on the go and protecting your investment.

Not just Phones and Tablets

Charge-Check works with any device with a lithium battery charged with a USB charger! And often those devices have no way indicating when a full charge is reached. Charge-Check monitors and protects these as well.

HEALTHIER CHARGING. Charge-Check will keep your battery healthy for longer by protecting it from being constantly charged (trickle charged) once it approaches 100%.

SAVE MONEY. Using Charge-Check means batteries will last longer, which will improve the lifecycle cost of a phone.

ECO-FRIENDLY. When your battery lasts longer it means fewer batteries need to be disposed of. Help keep excess Lithium-ion batteries out of landfills, and save on electricity usage.

Charge-Check Features and Benefits

• Works with any phone or tablet with a Lithium-ion battery and charger with a USB 2.0 port
• Compatible with iOS or Android
• Use with approved USB charger – the official one that comes with your phone or tablet
• Quick connect – plug and play
• USB 2.0 Cable included
• Built in Canada

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